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Spiritual Life Coaching

Spiritual and practical techniques for healing and transformation.

  • 30 minutes
  • US

Service Description

My coaching sessions are a powerful way to create, heal and overcome the challenges that we look at in your intuitive reading! Once we discover the blocks and belief patterns which are holding you back the healing begins with your insights and awareness as I ask you insightful and powerful questions to come to your own answers. This approach is far better than telling you what to do and you will most likely take action when you discover the answers yourself with my guidance. How many times have people given you advice and it it wasn't until you were ready or had your own personal epiphany that you took action? I will teach you many spiritual and yet practical techniques to tap into your intuition and inner guidance system which will ultimately leave you feeling more empowered than you could imagine! Coaching with me will be a compassionate and safe space to which you can be heard, seen and valued. This is the most fulfilling and life changing gift you can give to yourself, the ability to trust yourself and live a life of infinite self love and courage! Each coaching package is unique to each individual.

Contact Details

  • Hawaii, USA


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