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My Background

Hi I'm Jen! A bit about myself and business. 

For a majority of the first part of my life I spent being an anxious and depressed people pleaser, desperately trying to gain love and acceptance.


It was a pattern that I had down, and it was slowly creating a myriad of mental and physical issues. Being a mother, I realized that not only was I affecting my life by not slowing down and tending to myself better, but I was affecting my son’s life as well.


I devoted the last 10 years relentlessly learning numerous practical, therapeutic and spiritual practices which I bring into my Spiritual Life Coaching practice on a daily basis.


Once I was able to uncover the root cause of my challenges, I found an entirely new sense of vitality, self-worth, and true happiness that wasn’t dependent on pleasing anyone else.


Most importantly, I regained my energy and life back after 10 years of chronic fatigue. My relationships with others felt easier and safer. My son and I actually began to have more fun together because I became more present with him. I only shared my life with those I felt comfortable and supported by, which changed my self-worth exponentially.


It no longer became my sole focus to consistently stand on my head for others, I finally had the courage to let go of a few friends, family members, jobs and living situations to finally gain my self-respect, time freedom, joy, voice and empowerment back in my life.


I want this for you as well!  This is exactly why I’ve dedicated my life whole heartedly towards guiding my clients to see their worth, value and to assert their voice and power, which is the greatest gift that I get to share and receive from my work!


We all deserve to have a wonderfully gratifying life filled with true emotional freedom! 

Self image of Jen your spiritual guide to health and wellbeing.

My Approach

Plant Mirror Reflection

What makes my coaching approach so unique? 


Typical life coaching takes place around thoughts and action while my style addresses not only our thoughts and practical steps but includes a few pivotal pieces of lasting change.


Getting to deeply know and understand the parts of yourself that are crying out for help and harmony and tending to them through a beautiful process.


We will discover the source of what keeps you stuck by weaving together a variety of mind and body practices that are easy, spiritual, practical and essential pieces to bridge the mind, body and spirit.


This will create less intense emotions and a happy whole sense of self.

“Learning how to self-regulate our emotions is crucial and depends upon creating a healthy relationship with your body… Without it you will continue to rely on external regulation from medication, drugs or alcohol, constant reassurance or constant compliance to the wishes of others.” 
Bessel Van Der Kolk- M.D. 

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