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Guided Meditation Circle

In person & virtual service.

Through my guided meditations, you will step into a more peaceful version of yourself with a deeper mental, emotional and physical balance.

My meditations groups will be focused on a different challenges and topics each week that we can bring deeper healing to. I will be teaching you energy healing, mindful breathwork and visualization as well as many other tools to shift any experience from stress to peace.

The meditation circles will be centered around creating deep self-trust, expanding our intuition and healing worry, stress, anxiety and depression. These practices will benefit and bring peace and clarity to any life situation.
We will be focused on manifesting and integrating feelings of hope, joy, vitality and promise to our daily lives with more ease and feeling less triggered.

Each online meditation will be recorded so that you can practice with more consistency and ease. I look forward to supporting you to tap into a beautiful peaceful state together.

Offering in person and online. In person is located in Kailua Kona- location may vary. Spaces are limited.

****Please fill out a meditation form on this page and I will contact you with available days and times. ****

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Attend from your own home or in person (Kailua Kona Hawaii)

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