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Certified Life Coach
for Empaths & Highly Sensitive People


Evidence Based Approach For Mastering

Stress Management

Emotional Triggers

Resolving Insecurities

Healing Childhood Trauma

Radiating Confidence

Life Challenges

Harnessing Your Potential


Welcome to Coaching to Freedom. I am so glad you are here! I believe that being an empath or Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) is a gift to be embraced, not something to be hidden away. As a certified life coach, I help those who experience emotions on a deep level to step into their authentic selves without allowing their sensitivities to hold them back. 

Coaching to Freedom is for Those Who: 

  • Identify as an empath, Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), or people pleaser.

  • Tend to take on the emotions of others & feel stressed out & overwhelmed.

  • Have a hard time standing up for themselves, or their unique needs or desires.

  • Are ready to do the work to step into the most powerful version of themselves.

  • Benefit from a natural and intuitive healing environment, as opposed to a mechanical one-size-fits all solution.

  • Have tried therapy, reiki, self-help books, or other healing modalities to overcome challenges with minimal success.


What Makes Holistic Coaching Unique?


Coaching to Freedom implements a variety of evidence-based therapeutic methods and coaching techniques to help individuals overcome traumas that may manifest as, worry, anxiety, depression, or insecurities.  


My certified life coaching services allow individuals from all walks of life to uncover the best version of themselves while embracing their authentic identity.


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Is Certified Holistic Life Coaching Right for Me?

For many individuals, especially for those who identify as highly sensitive or empathic either due to their nature or past traumas, receiving support in the form of coaching can feel intense!


My expertise allows individuals just like you to feel comfortable in a setting where healing and growth take place at your own pace, and within your own timeframe while paying special attention to the aspects of your story that make you unique!


There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to healing! That’s why I utilize a variety of evidence based therapeutic techniques to ensure we strike a balance that aligns with your goals and preferences when it comes to stepping into the most authentic version of you.


Modalities Used in Certified Life Coaching include:

*Internal Family Systems Therapy

*EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique

*Bilateral Tapping

*Solution-based Coaching

*Guided Meditation and Breathwork

*Communication Tools

*Goal Creation

 *Boundary Setting


Together, we uncover the root of empathetic or highly sensitive energies and learn how to use these sensitives as a unique aspect of who you are, without compromising your needs, values, or healing journey.


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The Power of Saying "No" Free e-Book is here!

Get a free e-book and discover:

• How to create boundaries with others and stop feeling overwhelmed so you can free up your peace of mind, time and energy.

• How to eliminate head games, arguments and confusion in relationships by setting clear guidelines.

• Learn effective communication to speak up and create boundaries that work.

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Jennifer Connery
Holistic Life Coach


Hi, I’m Jen!

For a majority of the first part of my life I spent as a highly sensitive people pleaser. I never felt as though I fit in and exhausted myself trying to please everyone but myself.  Because of a traumatic childhood, I was anxious and depressed always waiting for the shoe to drop.  All of this was slowly creating a myriad of mental, emotional and physical issues. Being a mother, I realized that I wasn't as happily fulfilled as I wanted. My son initially became my motivation to become the best version of myself I could be.  I knew something better existed and I became relentless at finding the answers to my happiness.


My life began to change once I understood that being a highly sensitive wasn't a punishment but an asset, and once I discovered a few powerful tools, my life became amazing! I regained my energy back after a decade of chronic fatigue, I created an inner peace with myself at a level I never thought possible! I began to take empowering choices in business and my relationship with son changed completely!

The last 17 years, I've devoted to helping others with an array of therapeutic and spiritual practices which has helped my clients create deeper peace, courage and powerful confidence! In 2000 I received my B.A in Human Development. I later became a certified intuitive practitioner in 2015 and a Certified Life Coach in 2019. Through this journey, I’ve passionately dedicated hundreds of hours helping my clients understanding the 'root' to their issues while breaking through lifelong patterns in just a few months! 

Some of these issues include:

Helping parents to college students shift feelings of insecurity and overwhelm healing depression, stress and anxiety to dealing with toxic family dynamics, learning to trust their intuition and choosing healthier relationships to even feeling heard in the office. Through my process, countless clients have comfortably learned to speak up and feel worthy doing so which is the greatest gift that I get to share and receive from my work!

You truly deserve to have a wonderfully gratifying life filled with true emotional freedom! You are just 1 step away from creating an incredible life that allows you to feel free, peaceful, confident! Can you imagine your possibilities if you could let go of the excuses?


You don't have to figure this out on your own and I'm here to help you reclaim a life you deserve to love waking up to!

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Holistic Life Coaching

(Group & Private)

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image of client Liz for her testimonial of Jen and Coaching to Freedom.

Liz O. New Hampshire, USA

"I don’t know that I can put into words how much Jen has helped me! I went into this process pretty open minded as I never had done coaching before. Jen has been such a blessing and an invaluable part of my life. I never could’ve even imagined or expected the healing I have experienced and the confidence I’ve gained through this work we have done together.

Jen has been so patient with me because I am all over the place! She confidently guides & reveals to me that I do have power, and can trust my intuition. I’ve also healed some deep rooted wounds from my past and really come into my own and realized the shackles that were holding me back in life.

I would 1000% recommend Jen! Not only is she a talented Coach and Intuitive, she’s a wise and caring human who is so knowledgeable in various modalities and gives her all to her work and helping guide people towards their purpose and the healing they need."


Abbie N. California, USA

“Coaching with Jen has taught me to be a better friend to myself. She has not only helped me to set boundaries and say ‘no’; but in doing so I’ve gained an abundance of self-respect.


I have worked with so many mental health experts for behavioral and cognitive therapy, though Jen has a completely unique coaching style! Her intuitive perspective is effective and has resulted in incredible positive changes in my life.”

image of client Caleb for her testimonial of Jen and Coaching to Freedom.

Caleb S. Pennsylvania, USA

"I cannot overstate how amazing Jen has been for me. I have never considered using a life coach before, but I needed to change some things in my life. Jen worked with me to address those issues, and then went above and beyond to help me with other issues that came up organically through our sessions!

I know that I am better off because of Jen, and while I can't thank her enough, I'll show my appreciation by giving her the highest recommendation.

Even if you, the reader, are unsure about working with a life coach, you can't go wrong with Jen!"


Aleen S. New Mexico, USA

"Jen's gentle, yet confident voice guided me through the questions I had.  Her ability to navigate through the images she received during our meeting gave me a better sense of clarity and truth in my life.  It is so helpful to have that extra voice from outside to remind you of who you are!  Her services are of high value, especially if you are feeling motivated to improve your life."



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