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Holistic Life Coaching 

(Group & 1:1 Coaching)

What to expect from Holistic Life Coaching

Holistic Life Coaching is a unique therapeutic, mindful and spiritual approach to healing long standing issues effectively and rapidly! 

Discover a unique and impactful approach to coaching that goes beyond generic modules and worksheets.

Embark on an extraordinary journey through my captivating program, where we delve deep into the essential layers of what makes you human to unlock profound transformation and your hidden potential within.

My Holistic Style of Life Coaching is unique & addresses ALL aspects of you as a whole person which includes:

Psychological, Spiritual & Emotional parts of you as a human being to help you resolvlifelong challenges and emotional triggers that perhaps you've spent years trying to understand and heal!

Whether you've tried various workshops, therapy or self-development courses and still feeling that you can't overcome certain areas in your life or feel like something is lacking.

I'm here to say, you've come to the right place! I too spent years in traditional therapy and courses and 20 years later still felt that my issues were unresolved that showed up as pesky insecurities and the same life triggers!

My coaching is unique and effective because you are able to get to the "Root" so you can heal from an Evidence Based Approach which can be lacking with traditional coaching and therapy.


I provide personalized 1:1 support and Group Coaching tailored to you and your history and while providing compassionate guidance and helping you gain clarity, emotional harmony, and certainty in every area of life.


What areas can you expect to resolve through coaching with me?

  • Healthy Communication Styles To Resolve conflicts in all relationships.

  • Stress Reduction Techniques for your highly sensitive nature.

  • Guilt-Free Clear and Effective Boundaries.

  • Effective Relief for Mental Health with Anxiety & Depression. 

  • Dissolving All Blocks & Fears to Fulfill Your Goals & Dreams.

  • Discovery of Life Purpose Discovery.

  • Powerful Meditation Techniques & Tools for Hope & Self Discovery.

  • Re Creating Massive Self Confidence & Resolving Insecurities.

Plus Much More!!!!

My coaching is built on 3 Powerful Pillars to wellbeing to empower you to thrive instead of just survive. Your true self will finally get to live a life of fulfillment that's not about pleasing, feeling less than or needing approval but to finally live life on your terms that you get to wake up feeling relaxed, confident & passionate about!




Pillar 1-Inspired Mindset


Transforming the 'root' of all beliefs and programming that keep you trapped in exhausting patterns. By understanding your subconscious fears and unveiling the root of your false identity, you'll cultivate an optimistic mindset and gain the confidence to ask for what you want, pursue your desires, and trust your decisions.


Pillar 2-Intuitive Emotional Mastery


Developing your intuitive wisdom to heal emotional triggers through a variety of powerful tools to regulate your nervous system.  By tending to your emotions, you'll create a sense of safety within yourself, fostering greater ease, confidence, and comfort. Through this process, your inner child finds comfort so your adult self can show up in the world feeling radiantly confident.

Pillar 3-Empowered Action


Propels you towards your highest good by tapping into your inner wisdom. We emphasize the importance of creativity, innovation, and proactive empowered action in achieving success and making progress towards your goals. With a clear and compelling vision, you'll unlock the solutions and answers within, taking purposeful steps towards a life aligned with your true potential.


Embark on an empowered life coaching program that is tailored to your unique needs, providing compassionate support so that you can finally create lasting change from the inside out,

You deserve it!




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