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Boundary Breakthrough Program
6 Weeks To Empowered Self Expression

A 6-week Boundary Breakthrough Program designed to help you

Break the people pleasing pattern

Overcome limited beliefs

Cultivate emotional regulation

Master effective communication skills

Here's what to expect during the program:


Week 1: Rewiring Limited Beliefs for Courage and Bravery

  • Identify self-limiting beliefs that hold you back

  • Develop a courageous mindset to overcome fear of speaking up

  • Embrace your inner strength and cultivate self-confidence


Week 2: Emotional Regulation for Calm and Confident Communication

  • Learn practical tools to manage emotions effectively

  • Develop self-awareness and emotional intelligence

  • Practice techniques for staying calm and centered during challenging situations


Week 3: Discover Your Why and the Benefits of Boundaries

  • Explore the motivations behind setting boundaries

  • Understand how boundaries improve your well-being and relationships

  • Visualize the positive outcomes of implementing your boundaries


Week 4: Crafting Your Personalized Boundaries

  • Identify your unique needs, values, and priorities

  • Create clear, concise, and assertive boundary statements

  • Develop strategies for implementing your boundaries in various situations


Week 5: Mastering Effective Communication and Magic Words

  • Learn the key elements of clear and assertive communication

  • Discover powerful phrases that encourage others to listen and understand your boundaries.

  • Practice delivering your boundary statements with confidence and conviction


Week 6: Practicing Boundaries in a Safe and Supportive Environment

  • Participate in role-playing exercises to apply your boundary-setting skills

  • Receive constructive feedback and guidance from coaches and peers

  • Build confidence and comfort in maintaining your boundaries in real-life situations

Join this 6-week transfomational group program 

& find your confident voice!

$597 for 6 weeks
3 payments of $227 

Transform Your Life Today!
Unleash your confidence
Break Free From People Pleasing
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